Before bringing it to the beer industry, we put Draught Guard's technology to the test.

Check out the results. They speak for themself.


The technology utilized by Draught Guard stems from years of research and testing in heavy industrial and commercial water treatment. To date, this patented technology is the only system to have passed the ASHRAE protocol for controlling sessile bacteria, successfully achieving a 98% reduction in biofilm.

ASHRAE Biofilm Control Study

In 2009, ASHRAE commissioned a study through the University of Pittsburgh. The two parties established a protocol to evaluate chemical-free water treatment systems and their effectiveness in controlling sessile bacteria (biofilm) in cool water systems.

The initial test evaluated the industry-leading brand name systems using magnetic, electrostatic, ultrasound, and cavitation. None of these devices showed the ability to control microbial growth rates compared to the control.

In 2012, an evaluation was commissioned to test the Draught Guard technology using the same protocol at the University of Pittsburgh.

98% reduction of sessile bacteria (biofilm) was achieved against the control.

The technology used by the Draught Guard system is the only chemical-free system to have passed this test to date.

ATP Testing

ATP monitoring is widely used in food safety testing. Brewers of all shapes and sizes utilize ATP sanitation monitoring to maintain and improve cleanliness within their operations. We've embraced the same technology to monitor and measure the effectiveness of Draught Guard in comparison to traditional chemical line cleaning.

Dip Slides

Standard in the water treatment world, dip slides provide an effective and quick means of determining the levels of bacteria, yeast and mold present in water samples. Testing the push water that is forced through the beer lines at Week 0, 2, 6 and 8 of our trials, dip slide information reveals that Draught Guard is in fact outperforming the regular two-week caustic cycle.


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