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From the lab to the real world, learn why Draught Guard continues to prove itself more effective than just a regular chemical cleaning cycle.

Omnipresent, systemwide treatment.

Draught Guard's proprietary technology propagates a low-frequency signal throughout the entire beer line, no matter the length of run and regardless of flow. This omnipresent and oscillating treatment signal prevents the growth of biofilm and calcium oxalate, or beer stone, and protects your beer while served on tap.


Lab tested, field proven.

Draught Guard is built on the same technology that has been embraced by Fortune 100 companies, government organizations and power plants for commercial and heavy industrial water treatment.

Before bringing it to the draught beer world, we made sure we did our homework.


ASHRAE Biofilm Control Study

In 2008, ASHRAE commissioned a study through the University of Pittsburgh to evaluate non-chemical water treatment systems and their efficacy in controlling sessile bacteria (biofilm) in cooling water systems. The initial test evaluated systems utilizing ultrasound, magnetic, electrostatic, and cavitation technologies. None of these devices showed an ability to inhibit microbial growth rates compared to the control. ​


In 2010, an evaluation was commissioned through the University of Pittsburgh to test Draught Guard's technology using the same protocol. A 98% reduction of sessile bacteria (biofilm) was achieved against the control.


Draught Guard's technology remains the only non-chemical system to have passed this test to date.

ATP Testing

The Food & Beverage industry, including breweries, utilize ATP testing to monitor sanitation throughout their operations. We've embraced ATP testing to measure the effectiveness of Draught Guard in maintaining line cleanliness compared to the BA recommended two-week caustic cleaning cycle.

DG vs Chemicals Dip Slides_transparent.png

Dip Slides

Standard in the water treatment world, dip slides provide a quick, reliable and effective means of determining the levels of bacteria, yeast and mold present in water samples. Testing the push water flushed through the beer lines over the course of each pilot, dip slide information reveals that Draught Guard outperforms the regular two-week or monthly caustic cycle.

Ready to upgrade your draught maintenance?

Benefits of Draught Guard

Improve line cleanliness

Draught Guard not only maintains line cleanliness between caustic flushes, but can improve overall draught quality. Paired with regular faucet/coupler maintenance, Draught Guard delivers the highest form of draught quality.

Uphold quality of beer

It takes just one off flavor or scent for a customer to avoid a particular beer. With Draught Guard in place, you can feel assured that the beer will taste, smell, and appear as it was originally crafted to.

Extend cleaning cycles

With Draught Guard keeping your lines just as clean, if not cleaner, at 12 weeks than caustic-treated lines at 2 weeks, feel confident in extending your regular line cleaning schedule to save beer, water, and labor.

Minimize wastage

An extended cleaning cycle allows for significant savings in beer, water,  labor and money. Find out how much you can save by implementing Draught Guard in your system.

Save money

Line cleaning is a part of doing business. We're not arguing that, nor are we replacing it. Rather, we've delivered a more cost efficient means of cleaning lines.

Reduce chemical use

We get it. Caustics and acids have been the only viable option for cleaning draught lines. Mitigate potential safety risks by reducing your dependency on chemicals.

Ensure 24/7 protection

Paranoid that your beer and reputation are at risk on tap? Not sure your employee did a thorough job? Can't get into the stadium to clean this week? Draught Guard has you covered in between caustic cleanings.

Save water

Craft breweries make it a priority to to implement sustainable practices. With extended cleaning cycles, hundreds if not thousands of gallons of water can be saved each year.

Create efficiencies

Expanding your line cleaning operation? Spend less time on site flushing lines and running caustic, and pay more attention to faucets, couplers, and creating a more efficient (and effective) process.

Discover what Draught Guard can do for you.

Get in touch with one of our team members to learn how you and your operation can leverage and benefit from Draught Guard.

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